commissions are some of my absolute favourite projects! they're an opportunity to collaborate and brainstorm ideas together and bring unique designs to life. below are some details about my commissions:


are commissions currently open?

commissions are now full/closed.

we casually discussed a custom order, did i place one?

anything discussed casually or during a time that my commissions are closed, are considered inquires and are NOT placed orders. when my commissions are open, and i have a) received your order request and b) we have settled on the details of your commission (price, quantity, colours, size, etc.), i will send out a confirmation of your custom order to your email. please note that requesting a commission does not confirm it and only commissions that have received a confirmation email have successfully been placed!!

timeline / when commissions are opening again

commissions fall under the same timeline as my regular pieces which is around 6-10 weeks to create from start to finish. this timeline is dependant on the complexity of the piece, kiln availability, and number of pieces in an order. sometimes a longer timeline may be given if your piece is something new to me that may require some experimenting or prototypes first. 

my commissions are accepted in batches, and will typically open again once the current batch of orders are finished and sent off to their new homes! 


for the design of pieces, i like to discuss what the piece means to you, or the person you're gifting it to, as well as reference past pieces that i have made. this gives you the best idea of my artistic style and interpretation of past concepts. it is important to know that i will not accept commissions that request to copy another artist's work. photos are always welcomed as inspiration, but will NOT be copied. all commissions will be made in my own style and vision. 

number of commission orders

i do take a limited number of commissions at a time, as this allows me to give these pieces my full love, attention to detail, and care for them without rushing their unique designs. there is no minimum number of pieces for commissions, as often someone is looking for one personalized piece and this keeps commissions more accessible. as the number of pieces per order varies, so do the number of commissions i accept at a time.   


as commissions are often unique, prices will be determined by the order itself and quoted when inquiring/placing an order. 


shipping is an additional cost determined by the size, weight and distance travelling of the package. this estimate is calculated once the piece has come out of the kiln safe and sound and will be quoted then.